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Services of IM.ALLMENDENETZ.DE hub are provided by "as is" on a free or commercially reasonable basis and without warranties of any kind either expressed or implied.

Keeping your content private, confidential, and secure is IM.ALLMENDENETZ.DE utmost priority. We will not use your content for any purpose other than to inform you of and provide you with Services and to enhance and improve IM.ALLMENDENETZ.DE services.

We strive to provide quality services to you and will use reasonable efforts to provide the functionality and do not provide any warranty that Service will be error-free and uninterrupted.

We, therefore, assume no liability for temporary non-operability or impaired accessibility of IM.ALLMENDENETZ.DE due to, but without limitation to, technical difficulties, dependence on the services of third parties and other reasons out of the scope of our control.

Although we periodically back up data in IM.ALLMENDENETZ.DE, you are solely responsible for creating backup copies of any of your content that you submit to IM.ALLMENDENETZ.DE.

Services are provided for personal and / or non-commercial use within the framework of the legislation of the EU. Any other attempts of IM.ALLMENDENETZ.DE usage including but not limiting commercial advertising, SEO, unsolicited posting and commenting (spamming) to use will be prevented by termination of registration and removal of content without warning.

This instance uses Mutant Standard emoji, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.